Company Profile
Assembling activities
  • assembling activity own or delivered steel constructions, machines and technological facilities
  • production and delivery of technological units (welding MIG, WIG and welding with covered electrode)
  • general repair of great machines (pushers, warehouse machines, band conveys and so on)
  • assembling and delivery of piping distributions (water, stream, gas)
  • electric assembling works
  • welding and assembling works

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  • production and assembling maxim. tank for biogas in Dedelow, Germany for company ENTEC GmbH Nauen, Germany)
  • production and assembling of bridge girders for Olympic games in Athes, Greecce
  • assembling of piping distributions for refinery in Durres, Albania
  • assembling of platforms for autocar TOYOTA, Kolín, Czech republic
  • disassembling, transfer and assembling of machines for company Bekaert Hlohovec a.s.,Hlohovec, Slovakia
  • production and assembling of steel constructions for amusing centre MAX, Trenčín, Slovakia
  • assembling of steel construction for KIA MOTORS SLOVAKIA a.s., Žilina, Slovakia
  • assembling of steel construction for company CINETIC SERVICE SA,. France
  • production and assembling of pipe conductions, stairways, platforms and steel construction for company MAWERA GmbH, Austria
  • production and assembling of bridge in DT Vyhybkárna, Prostejov, Czech republic
  • production and assembling of steel construction for company SCALDIS SA, France
  • production and assembling of steel construction for company Vítkovice – ENVI, Czech republic

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Engineering works
  • machine treatment castin and components – milling, lathe-turning, grinding, trimming HD12B/4000, heat treatment, production of toothing: directly to M7, slope, chain max .till Ø 580 mm grinding of toothing – direct, slope from M1,5 till M10 max. till Ø 315 mm 
  • general and medium repair of meta-working machines, facilities and technological units
  • production of components for industrial machines and facilities
  • welding and locksmith´s works – production of rails, stairways, facilities, preparations and so on
  • partition of bar stock by band saw, type ARG450, max. a cutting section 450x450 mm
  • partition of metal sheets max. 12/2000 mm
  • flame cutting from metal sheets – by plasma FOR CUT 100 and by autogenous, type PROXIMA 30/120 with a capacity of burning a metal sheet P50 x 3000-6000
  • bending of materials 12/2000
  • commission activity
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Building activities

The building activities has 20 % of the others activities of MOGETa.s., In this sphere could be company as the main supplier of a structure which is interester:

  • building of family houses
  • buiding of administrative buildings

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So far was realized projects:

  • building of flat block in Cadca, Slovakia
  • building of shopping centre in Czech republic – Karlove Vary
  • reconstruction of administrative centre  - exterior and  interior Hydronika a.s., Bratislava – Petrzalka
  • building of family house in Bratislava, Jarovce, Slovakia
  • building of supermarket Jednota a.s., Cadca, Slovakia
  • building of car service and car showroom, Devinska Nova Ves, Bratislava
  • building of family house in Budatín, Zilina, Slovakia
  • buidling of family house in Devinska Nova Ves, Bratislava, Slovakia

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